Curated: Curator VS Creator

Both are creative, both are important in a world full of information

Sora Wong
2 min readJun 15, 2022


We are all creators here at Medium. We write and create to share our thoughts. But we can also be good curators.

I read a tweet from Alex Llull recently about being a curator. And I think the thread is worth sharing.

What is a Curator?

Curator is about picking a niche or a topic you like, repackaging (AKA content spin) them, then sharing them.

Someone may say that curating is not creating things, you are just copying.

That’s not the point.

During the edit and highlighting process, high creativity is needed.

That’s how you let the gem in the article shine.

Also, it is a time when information is in excess, people want choices but are overwhelmed by all the noise they are facing. Curator is what they are looking for.

How to?

People that help them to limit their choice, by removing the low-quality content. And this 101 tweet by Massi Imparato has shown how to do this effectively.


We can get views and interactions for our content. If we do this on Instagram or Twitter, it is also a great way to network with fellow writers and curators.

Another benefit is sharpening our mind during the process of editing.

The power of editing is the new superpower employers looking for.


What do you think about being a curator? Is it a mean to show creativity?

Let me know in the comments.

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