Fragrance I cannot forget

Challenge accepted.

Sora Wong
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Thank you for the tag from Dennis Kendig. And I am so excited about this as I am a huge perfume person. The whole challenge started with J.S. Philips. And below is the original writing by the two writers.

For myself, I don’t have much sense that really cannot withstand. Except for the scent of things decaying, excretions and the smell of sewage. (I Smelt far too much of those during uni.)

Now get back to things that really evoke good memories.


As a thing I cannot live without, I can always list out a few of my favourites. And it also showed how I change as A PERSON.

My late twenties

There are a couple of perfumes I used all the time recently.

.Velvet Hug and Cotton Breeze from Forment
.Oud and Bergamot from Jo Malone
.Musk solid perfume and Peach EDP from Addict
.Cream Dreams from Lavon Holic
.Oolong Infini from Atelier Cologne

And this is me in my late twenties. Turning to sweet and powdery floral note. But in uni or my early twenties, I am all over oceanic scents, woody and spice notes.

My early twenties

So list of scents I am not using on myself anymore, but still full of memories and love.

.Cool Water from David off
.Vetiver Fatal and Rose Anonyme from Atelier Cologne
.A whole lot of perfumes from Anna Sui


There are lot of scents that I love. And quite different from each other.



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