How drawing benefits people?

Sora Wong
3 min readMar 1, 2022

So in my challenge I have share a couple of days ago, I talk about picking up drawing again. I tried to draw something at least once a day, not caring how things end, just draw.

And that actually helps a lot.

In General

Drawing itself is a good way of expressing oneself and a way to let go of emotions. Like writing it is also a way of creative therapy, but for me this can be an more abstract and visualized way.

It is easier to express emotion can’t be spoken by drawing

Aside from expressing different feelings, it is also a way of sharing life records with others aside from writing. Like sharing the view and food of a place. Photography is easy, but there is something that can only be expressed and shared by drawing.

There is also many medium to work on now, and it makes drawing more fun and experimental. They also benefits us differently.

I draw on procreate and also art journal/ sketchbook

Drawing on Procreate

Draw on procreate allows me to experience with different kind of textures and brushes that is hard to collect all of them when I am only drawing on paper.

Improve my sense with colors

One of my biggest benefits gained with procreate is improve my colour sense. I can experiment with very minor changes on hues and values, that is hard to archive with pen and paper. It helps me with my photography business so much.

Play with colour and brushes with no pressure is like a game

Experiments with brushes and texture

It is hard to collect all the type of brushes you can get from drawing software. Not to mention also the brush size. The redo button and layer function allows us to experiment with less worries. And it makes me more creative and see things differently.

Drawing with sketchbook

This can be undone, so this is a pure record of process. You an see how you improve over time. You can feel your emotions over time by the strokes and the colour choice made at the moment.

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