My brain-decluttering journey

And I have a really cluttered brain buzzing with thoughts

Sora Wong
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OK, first of all, I know I haven't been posting for a long time. I am in a mess with my mental side, but my finances are improving. So a trade-off I guess. And before I read the Medium stories on brain decluttering, I tried to work on this.

And I got some inspiration from many YouTube videos on small pocket notes and “morning pages routine”.

And They Worked Well

Small pocket notes

It helps me collect any random thoughts. Phone notes can be useful too, but let's admit it, we have a much shorter attention span now if we are with our phone.

And slowly, collecting thoughts goes to scrolling social media or checking DMs, and end up having more clutter in your brain.

With a small notebook, it is much harder to lose attention. And visualizing thoughts by slowly writing them down is so soothing, new ideas and creatives might come popping out during the process!

And most important, they are cheap. Small notebooks are like something you can start without spending a big amount of money on.

Morning Pages

This is another fun thing I tried, it is to write three whole pages of whatever it is in your mind in the morning. Right before doing any things that require your logic to work. After writing it down, stop looking at it for the day.

And three whole pages may seem a lot, but no one says the note has to be an A4 note.

Just let your subconscious speaks, I use it as a way to let my consciousness and subconscious talk. I ease a lot of stress from me, and I can know myself better. And when it comes to a monthly review of the note, I can see what my dreams are, and what my heart truly desires.

And after tasting the benefits, I push myself a little further. Do the same process at night, right after a short meditation but before sleep. Clear out all the thoughts or note down any visions from mediation.

Let all the emotions and stress out, before sleep. Really promising for getting you a good night's sleep.

So these are the ways I used to declutter my brain. Please let me know if you guys have some different tricks up your sleeves that I can try.

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