SEO Tools I used and like

We writers and content creators need to do SEO, no matter whether we like it or not. But is there anything to make life easier?

Sora Wong
2 min readNov 29, 2022


And the answer is a BIG YES!

There are many tools out there that can help us do create better content and keyword checkers.

Keyword Checker

This is so important to use the right keyword and pick those with less keyword difficulty. Keyword difficulty or competition is a different way of saying this, but this is all about how much effort you need to rank on a site.

And two tools I always use for this are SEM Rush and Google Ads management Keyword Planner. So Good!

So great and happy to use SEM Rush.

SEM Rush allow us to keep various keyword list in the keyword manager for easier checking. We can also do gap analysis with the platform.

However, to discover new keyword ideas around a site or topic, it is much better to use the Keyword Planner of Google Ads!

Writing Assistant

Writing Assistant I like to use Surfer SEO and SEM Rush plugin.

They all have great advice and keyword counts, so you can write the best writing for your site.

For distant work: Distant work usually involves google drive, at this time SEM Rush Plugin is your best friend

For in-house work: Surfer SEO provides a more holistic approach to writing. It is not free though. But if you are working in-house and the company has no tools. Request for a surfer SEO account is a great choice.

Holistic Plugins

I tried plugins from SEM Rush, Ahrefs and Surfer SEO.

Holistic approach: Ahrefs plugin

Only Brief keyword research: Surfer SEO

Very technical:SEM Rush

My no. one: Ahrefs plugin!


SEO is a must for writers too
My fav key word tool is sem rush and keyword planner
Must have plugin is Ahrefs.



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